Trendy In Indy
Trendy In Indy

Can you relate?

  • Do I even have a brand?

  • How do I define mine?

  • What’s the message I want to share with my audience?

  • Who is my dream client?

  • My social media is all over the place and I need HELP.

  • I don’t know how to use social media effectively to reach my audience.

If you’re nodding along and thinking, “yep my brand needs help”, I’ve got you. I’ve walked in your shoes and I’m here to tell you, your brand story deserves to be heard.

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What you will get with Trendy Brand Consulting:

  • Strategies to uplevel your business into a refined brand

  • Identification of your dream target audience

  • Learn how to communicate your story with your tribe

  • Expertise in creating a brand guide that leads all your marketing efforts

  • An action plan to grow your social media following and engagement

  • Pinterest tools to increase web traffic more than 20%

Brand Consultant, Steph of Trendy in Indy

I help companies quadruple their revenue based on essential branding and social media strategies. I created my own Instagram identity that grew authentically on Instagram from 0 followers to 11K in just a over a year. I’m a master Pinterest strategist that grew my visibility from 1K to 425K monthly viewers in just 8 months.

Brand Consultant packages featured by Steph of Trendy in Indy
Brand Consultant packages featured by Steph of Trendy in Indy: Trendy Influencer Strategy

A minimum of a one hour influencer strategy session to learn the in’s and out’s of influencer marketing, the trendiest way to get your message out now. This session has two tracks. One for the brands who want to work with influencers to enhance their brand message and drive their sales. Two, for the ones who want to become influencers and turn it into a stream of revenue.

PRICE: $97 per session

Brand Consultant packages featured by Steph of Trendy in Indy: Trendy Branding 101

The most important story you can tell is your own and ultimately your audience wants to feel connected to you and your brand. This is a two-hour strategy session to identify the stories (key messages) that you want to share with your dream clients and target audience. For the entrepreneurs that want to determine the way their brand is perceived and talked about during happy hour.

PRICE: $197

Brand Consultant packages featured by Steph of Trendy in Indy: Trendy Fully Social

A minimum of three one-hour strategy sessions to chat about all things social from the appropriate platforms for your brand, the importance of visual cohesiveness, how to develop a content calendar, and how to stand out in a competitive environment. For the brands that have a clear message and know their target audiences that need guidance on sharing their story visually and verbally.

PRICE: $297

Brand Consultant packages featured by Steph of Trendy in Indy: Trendy Total Package

If you’re thinking, “Steph, I need help with all of this,” this brand consulting package is for you. It combines Branding 101, Influencer Strategy, and Fully Social into five one-hour sessions to create brand strategies that ultimately drive revenue for your business.

PRICE: $547


My guarantee as your Brand Consultant:

  • Advice from a marketing expert who quadrupled sales for fashion companies

  • Clear direction on how to use social platforms to ensure increased sales & brand loyalty

  • Confidence & clarity to move from feeling overwhelmed with your brand to a tailored marketing strategy  

  • Tools to make your brand stand out in a saturated market

  • Strategies to create valuable influencer partnerships

  • Action steps during each session to help you move your brand forward

People connect with brands because of the story they share..png

Have questions about any of these brand consultant services? I offer a FREE 15 minute phone consultation. You’ll even walk away with one strategy that you can implement now for your brand. Send me an email, to set up your consultation and gain access to all of the details for each package.