Trendy In Indy
Trendy In Indy

Mackenzie K.- Trendy Wardrobe

As soon as I read about the services Steph was going to be offer I was SO excited to get in touch and schedule one for myself. My biggest issues before this were over-shopping, under dressing when I have a closet full of cute pieces, not knowing how to wear those cute pieces, not knowing how to reuse pieces in all different outfits, and not knowing how to combine pieces together.

When it comes to my closet, I have enough clothes for probably 2-3 people. I am a shopaholic to say the least and buy much more than needed. With that in mind, I was going back and forth on whether it was something I really should spend money on. However, Trendy U service was a life saver! In fact, Steph (maybe without intending to) taught me how to save money when it comes to clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. I learned how to reuse so many of the pieces inside of my closet, rather than wearing it maybe once, and then running out to buy more. A typical me move was to stare into both of my TWO closets full and say "well I've got nothing to wear." After this process I confidently look into my closet with actual TRENDY outfit ideas and not feel like I need to buy more pieces! Steph went through each and every piece in my closet, told me what to wear it with.. all the way down to the pants, shoes, and accessories! When it came to getting rid of the not so cute or very worn items, she didn't force any items and let me have a say, which was awesome!

I also eventually will be meeting Steph to go on a shopping trip for the items that I truly need in my closet. The best part? She didn't give me a 2 page list of things to buy that I may not ever wear. She would suggest items, ask my opinion, and together we would decide if it was something I needed or not. I cannot wait for my shopping trip so I can add the finishing touches to my closet. This woman can change the way you dress, the way you view yourself, and give you the confidence that you too can be your very own kind of trendy!

Mackenzie did a whole review with photos and all on her site. Read more here -->


Connie F.- Trendy Makeover

"A couple weekends ago I got together with Steph for the Trendy U Trendy Makeover session and I wanted to share my thoughts on the experience with you!

Closet Discovery: Apparently I have this brown leather jacket that goes with my ~entire~ wardrobe and I've only ever worn it with the same two tops. I learned so much about the pieces I have in my closet and how to expand my outfit selection without needing to even buy anything new. Steph taught me how to style things in all new ways (and I've worn her outfit suggestions for the past two weeks straight, no joke). During this process, we made just one small pile of older clothing or pieces that don't fit me anymore for me to donate, and we kept a list of important pieces that would help tie my wardrobe together and fill some gaps! (A note about "getting rid" of clothes: she never forced me to add to the pile. She would recommend a piece that didn't necessarily mesh with the rest of my closet, and I could agree or I could explain to her that I got that dress while living in Italy and there's no way in heck I'm letting go of it.)

Makeup at Merle Norman: If I could have the staff at Merle Norman follow me around everywhere and make me feel as lifted up as they did during my appointment, I would have Demi Lovato level confidence. I was in need of a day to be pampered and Lori at Merle delivered! Not to mention, she taught me some great tips along the way about how to work with my features.
Personal Shopping experience: Based on the list of "needs" for my wardrobe, Steph and I chose two stores to go to. As we looked through the merchandise, it was so helpful to have Steph picking things that I never would have thought twice about from the rack! She helped put the pieces together into outfits for trying on and then we would compare opinions about each one. She found me great deals and of course we used her store code at Closet Candy Boutique in Carmel! The best part of shopping is that Steph already knew what was in my closet and what was missing from my wardrobe, and she would suggest how to use each new piece with items I already had!

I have received so many compliments on the way I dress and the way I carry myself since my Trendy U experience. I told Steph after our day that when I have an unlimited shopping budget (I wish, right?!), I'm going to hire her as my personal shopper full time because of the great work she did with my wardrobe and the fun I had throughout the day!
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via email at or DM me on insta @shconnie9."


Kat- Trendy Wardrobe

"I wasn’t sure anyone could help me work through my mess of a closet but Steph saved the day! I went from having a closet full of random pieces of clothing to a well organized and coordinated collection of matched outfits. Steph helped me create multiple looks out of pieces I already own, and created a shopping list of items to help enhance and unify my closet! The shopping list has been so helpful and made me feel like a pro when I went to shop. Instead of wandering around stores buying whatever caught my eye, I had a targeted list of clothing items to look for! If you have ever felt like your closet is a hopeless mess, call Steph and let her transform it into a stress free closet!"