Influencer marketing trends 2019
Jacket, Lesley Jane || Rolling Stones Tee, Free People || Light Wash Denim, Evereve || Sorel Boots

Jacket, Lesley Jane || Rolling Stones Tee, Free People || Light Wash Denim, Evereve || Sorel Boots

Welcome to 2019, the year where influencer marketing will dominate even more than last year. If you’re a brand, sell a product, have a service to offer… make some room in your budget for this type of marketing because it is going to help you grow your business this year more than ever.

Whether you’re a brand or an influencer, these trends are important for you to understand and work to implement within your strategies. While we will see influencer marketing continue to rise, some companies even hiring specifically to fill roles for influencer specialists, we are also going to see some shifts within the industry. Take a look at what’s hot now in the world of influencers.


Gone are the days where followers crave to see the perfect moments. In fact it’s quite the opposite. On January 1, we saw a dramatic, abrupt shift from perfect to raw. Influencers such as Olivia Rink and Casey Goode of Official Quigley shifted their structured content to include more personal stories and even unedited images. Followers want to see the moments of struggle, no makeup, screaming kids, and home life. They want to know that the influencers they admire so greatly are relatable humans.


As influencers, we are constantly relying on someone to say yes to our pitch. Think about how many pitches you’ve sent and how many times you’ve heard no. Pretty exhausting and soul crushing, huh? This year, influencers need to create their own products or services to stay relevant. This is a huge reason I’ve created Trendy Branding. This year you’ll see me roll out courses and e-books within the coming months as I shift my business to take control of my strengths and provide value for my tribe. We are seeing influencers create their own beauty products, clothing lines, cookbooks, fitness guides, and more.


We’ve moved on from a single Instagram post to attempt to drive results. While some macro influencers have the ability to drive ROI with one post, the market is more saturated by the day. It use to be that it would take 7 times for us to see a marketing message before we took action on it. Now, that number has been said to be more like 12. For this reason, long term partnerships are being negotiated. These deals also create an increase in brand recall and brand loyalty which allows followers to further trust the opinions of the influencer. The more we see a message or brand, the more likely we are to let curiosity get the best of us and buy a new cardigan we don’t need.


Are you an influencer with a following under 5K? You’re in luck because this year, brands are working with influencers with a following from 1K to 1M. Now, I’m not telling you that brands are paying top dollar for less than 10K followers, but nano-influencers and micro-influencers generally have a highly engaged, loyal following. This can lead to a higher ROI because you drive your tribe to take action if you’ve done an excellent job building your brand and connecting with your followers. My biggest advice will always be to stop worrying about the number under your name and start focusing on creating excellent content and connecting with your people.


Brands are done throwing money at influencer marketing without measuring its success. Sure, the brand awareness is great, but this year brands will be asking for insights, tracking discount codes, and providing influencers with custom UTM codes to track web visits. If you’re an influencer, providing insights will help you land repeat collaborations if the brand feels that their investment was justified.

These are just a few of the trends that we will see this year. As I’ve chatted about in previous posts, video is also going to be crucial for brands and influencers. so friend, go hop on your stories to stay ahead of the game.

Cheers to building real relationships and benefitting each other this year,


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