How to give yourself grace
How to give yourself grace, tips shared by top US life and style blog, Trendy in Indy
How to give yourself grace, tips shared by top US life and style blog, Trendy in Indy

Since our move, I’ve really struggled with being kind to myself.

“Steph you need to be creating, you are not doing a good job serving your tribe, do better.”

“Steph you need to do better at work. Create more, do reports, be innovative. C’mon, get it together.”

“Steph you need to work out, you need routine and you are not sticking to your commitments. Get on it, girl.”

“Steph you don’t have a routine. You are setting yourself up to fail, what are you doing Rockstar?”

These are just a handful of the thoughts I’ve had over the last month. Friends, we are so hard on ourselves. Basically, take the most challenging boss, co-worker, life partner you’ve ever dealt with, multiply that by 10 and that’s how hard you are on yourself.

Especially in seasons of transition, it is important to give yourself grace and appreciate what you are doing.

Appreciate the goodness you are bringing to this life you’ve been given. Here are a few ways I’m doing this right now.


Tip 1: Close your eyes and breathe

It’s really amazing how much breathing and relaxing for even just 10 minutes can help you adjust your mind. I’m working to get back into meditation as I dropped the practice once we got to Phoenix. If you’re thinking “Steph, I can’t do that,” friend, yes you can. Download the app, Headspace for some assistance.

Tip 2: Pat yourself on the back and say out loud “good job today.”

The next time you do something g that you feel proud of, I want you to pause and literally pat yourself on the back while you repeat: ‘Good job, NAME. You freaking rock.” Yes, you might feel ridiculous, but I promise these things are good for yourself.

Tip 3: Go do something for you

You guys, I have so many dang knots in my shoulders right now because I need to go be rubbed by a professional. I’m setting a goal to go do something about this in the next week. You HAVE to take time to care for your body, your mind, and your spirit so that you can do your best work especially in times of transition.

Tip 4: Start and end your day with self-affirmations

I don’t care how dumb you feel telling yourself you are beautiful, that you rock, that you are worthy, that you are a good mom, that you are capable. A million people can tell you these things, but until you actually say it to yourself and believe in it whole heartedly, you are not going to have the confidence and self-love you need to succeed in the way you dream. Starting and ending your day this way allows you to celebrate the goodness you bring to the world.

Tip 5: Spend one hour doing something you really love

Don’t even tell me you don’t have time. If you can’t take one hour even one day a week to do something you love, girl, we have a serious problem. You’ve got to fuel your fire so those flames can spread to other areas of your life and have meaningful impact.

So friend, give yourself some grace and let’s do this together. If you’re experiencing immense change in your life, this is especially important.  

Cheers Rockstar, you’ve got this,


How to give yourself grace, tips shared by top US life and style blog, Trendy in Indy