How to Battle Limiting Beliefs

How to Battle Limiting Beliefs
How to Battle Limiting Beliefs featured by top US lifestyle blog, Trendy in Indy
How to Battle Limiting Beliefs featured by top US lifestyle blog, Trendy in Indy
How to Battle Limiting Beliefs featured by top US lifestyle blog, Trendy in Indy
Photography:  Jennifer Van Elk

Photography: Jennifer Van Elk

"Is there even room for me here? There are so many others doing what I dream of that have larger audiences and their shit is way more put together than mine. I just don't even know if this is worth my time." Anyone else ever have this thought?

Doing the mindset work to battle these limiting beliefs is a constant, ongoing practice rockstars. Not a one and done, over night kind of shift, we don’t just get over them. Getting out from these head spaces is something we must be working on daily because here's the reality: WE ARE HUMAN. We are going to have bad days. We are going to have times when we feel small. We are going to have times when we feel like we should just quit because someone else is already doing it. We are going to compare. But it’s what we do with these feelings, how we fight through them, and make a shift that is the true root of our being.

My friend, this is your REMINDER: YOU ARE RELEVANT. You are valuable. The world needs you. Your community needs you and they want to be served by you in only the way you can show up. Impacting 1 person, 10 people, 100 people.... rockstar, that's just as meaningful as impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands.

I share this message often because it's one I personally battle, this idea of there not being room for me and what I offer. But you rockstars, the handful of brand clients I have, the women that attended As Told By Us, those of you that I've inspired with an outfit, you are MY WHY. I'm in this because I want to help you feel more confident in your skin, I want to help you grow, I want to push you to get uncomfortable so that you can experience greatness. I want to walk alongside you and hold your hand so we can do this thing together.

Tonight, I wanted to share a few tangible ways that you can work on your mindset daily because let’s be honest, our minds are beasts and it’s up to us to train the thoughts that take over our actions.

Mindset Work You Can Do Daily:

  • Self-Affirmations- I love the ThinkUp app for these, but I also have a list that I read and look in the mirror while I do so.

  • Journal - And you don’t even need a prompt. Just practice free writing. Get your thoughts down on paper and it doesn’t even have to make sense. Just write.

  • Video Journal or vlog - By now, you might think I’m nuts, but seriously. Sometimes my thoughts come to me so fast that I can’t write them quickly enough so I literally video myself sharing what’s on my heart and then I play it back to digest the root of what’s causing these thoughts.

  • Practice mindfulness throughout the day - Essentially, be aware of what’s happening in the present moment, allow it to fill you up, and carry you to the next place with extreme gratitude.

  • Meditate - This kind of goes hand in hand with mindfulness and I feel that my meditation practice has actually helped me be more mindful. Meditating allows me to focus on my breathing and find a kind of calmness that I need in my life.

  • Pray - There is something so comforting about just talking to God. I mean He’s not the most direct conversationalist, but He will guide you so that you can find meaning within your life.

  • Surround yourself with uplifting people - You know that saying “you are who you hang out with” or whatever it is. Negative energy attracts negative energy. Positive attracts positive. If you are struggling with limiting beliefs don’t surround yourself with people who are constantly bringing you down because, my friend, you are going to stay right where you are.

SPECIAL NOTE: I think the most important mindset work you can do is to recognize limiting beliefs when they pop into your head. Identify the trigger, the root of the issue, and then decide how you’re going to move forward. Turn the limiting belief into an affirmation. For me, this looks like this:

Limiting belief: “There are a zillion brand coaches out there and the world does not need another one.”

Affirmation: “You are an excellent personal brand coach that has helped clients refocus resulting in more money in their pockets and a new found sense of confidence. This world needs you to show up. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. because you are the only Stephanie Nicole Weber. Let them hear you roar.”

Alright, that affirmation might be a bit dramatic, but that’s how serious I am about reminding myself everyday that the work I am doing is important and meaningful. And rockstar, spoiler alert, same goes for you.

Cheers to tackling our limiting beliefs together,


How to Battle Limiting Beliefs featured by top US lifestyle blog, Trendy in Indy