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Changes are coming: What's in store for 2019

LifeSteph Weber3 Comments
Changes are coming: What's in store for 2019

I’m sitting here staring at my cursor flashing at me over and over. Grey’s Anatomy is on in the background and I wonder if I should have been a surgeon when I remember I can’t handle bodily fluids. If you would have told me last year at this time that I would travel to New York City for fashion week, sip wine on private tours in Napa, or transition Trendy in Indy to be my full time career, I would have smiled and said “that sounds like a nice dream.” I’m not sitting in the place I thought I would be right now and I want to walk through that with you. This post is going to be lengthy because I want you to understand the full scope of the tornado that is my brain.

2018 - a Year in Review

I want to start this off by sharing how eternally grateful I am for the opportunities I had in 2018. From the brand partnerships to the places I got to explore, this was such a solid year of growth. Here are a few highlights:

  • Traveling to Europe with my brother in Europe for 10 days. You can read the posts on Amsterdam, Zurich, Munich, and Salzburg including how Brad left his passport in another country and the hotels I collaborated with while we were abroad.

  • I hit my most liked post ever which just so happened to be at TopGolf with a giant cheeseburger, both equally rewarding and frustrating since I spend hours shooting content and that post took 10 minutes. But hey, the people like big burgers and they cannot lie.

  • My content was published in local magazines throughout Indianapolis which was a dream. Thank you Towne Post Network!

  • Collin and I had the opportunity to travel to Steamboat Springs, Napa Valley, and Seattle. We met up with great friends in Colorado and Washington where we hiked, went to hot springs, and ate some delicious meals. In Napa Valley, I partnered with Andaz Napa for one of the best hotel stays. We also had a personal tour guide, Doug, who set up lavish tastings for us at four different wineries. Check out the details here, here, and here.

  • I partnered with countless small businesses throughout Indy and beyond, building relationships and introducing my tribe to new styles, restaurants, cities, and more. Special thank you to Sweet Olive, Lesley Jane, Closet Candy, Magnolia, VICI, The Fashion Mall, and Evereve for multiple partnerships this year.

  • The LASSI became a part of my self-care routine and an awesome monthly partner. Their facials are to die for and the team is just amazing. They have truly transformed my skincare routine and pamper me for an hour a month which is fabulous.

  • Ericka and I turned Indy Wine Chats into a podcast. I wouldn’t say we are podcast professionals by any means, but it’s another outlet for our content and our tribe.

  • In September, I went to New York City for fashion week. This had been a dream of mine for years and I knew I’d go someday, I just didn’t know when. We saw shows, ate the best food, and took some of my favorite photos to date. Thanks to Andaz Wall Street for another amazing hotel stay.

  • I finished off the year back in New York City for a spontaneous trip with some of the Sweet Olive team. This city is a whole different level of magical during Christmastime and I’d love to make this an annual trip. Check out my post on what we did here.

Those are a few of the moments that standout in my year in review, although there are so many more. You probably noticed that the great Trendy in Indy Instagram lockout of 2018 is not listed above. I’ll be honest in saying it wasn’t exactly a highlight. Truthfully, the timing was the best and the worst. I was ready to make changes with Trendy in Indy, just not exactly in the way that was forced on me. A week before this happened, I decided to go all in with Trendy in Indy. Up until this point, I had been the marketing director for Sweet Olive, but we decided as a team to transition my role to being a brand consultant. Then, shit hit the fan.

During the lockout, I realized a few things about the influencer marketing industry that left me questioning if it’s really something I want to continue doing. I’m going to do a separate blog on this because I think it’s something that needs to be addressed, but for the sake of time and keeping this space positive, let’s move on to what you can expect from Trendy in Indy in 2019.

You’re going to see a big shift for Trendy in Indy that starts with Trendy Branding, a way for me to educate individuals and businesses on building their brand to connect with their tribe and expand their business. During the lockout, I had time to understand what I’m really passionate about and for me, that’s telling an authentic story that creates connection with a tribe. I’m excited about shifting my focus to helping others discover their brands, implement social strategies, connect with influencers that will benefit their brand, and so on. I’ll be producing some free resources you’ll find on the blog here so if you’re a business or a personal brand, I hope that you find these posts helpful.

As for influencer marketing, I’m revamping the way I structure my partnerships. I’ll be doing no more than seven sponsored collaborations per month with businesses that I truly love. These partnerships will be structured in three month, six month, and 12 month contracts because it takes a person an average of seven times of seeing an ad before they take action on it. SEVEN TIMES, guys. In 2019, I look forward to expanding the travel portion of what I do with Trendy in Indy. Even if these trips aren’t sponsored, people love to learn about new places and I love to write about my adventures.

This next year, I am focusing on being intentional with each piece of content I produce, each brand client I take on, and each image I post. I’m doing what’s best for me and my family this year. I’m excited to feel a fire in my heart again and to create what I love. Other than that, I’m not doing much planning because we make plans and God laughs.

Cheers to crushing 2019 because you are a rockstar,


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