Buubble Iceland Review
Buubble Iceland Review featured by international travel blog, Trendy in Indy
Buubble Iceland Review featured by international travel blog, Trendy in Indy
Buubble Iceland Review featured by international travel blog, Trendy in Indy
Buubble Iceland Review featured by international travel blog, Trendy in Indy

Have you ever wanted to sleep in a heated Bubble in the middle of nowhere in the snowy mountains? I didn’t even know such a thing existed until I saw a post from Rach Martino about it on her trip to Iceland last year.

After we booked our flights, I started exploring various tours in Iceland that would show us the country and offer a unique experience. There are so many tours in Iceland at various levels of adventure and price. You should know that I prefer to explore on my own or with a small, intimate group when I travel. Large tour buses aren’t really my thing, possibly because I did that for three months when I studied abroad, but this was part of the reason I picked the Buubble. It was more of a personal experience that allowed us to meet other travelers in a small group.

When I went to book this tour a month prior to our trip, I wanted to do the Golden Circle option, but it was sold out. In hindsight, I’m glad it was because the Buubble South Coast tour was bomb. On day 3 in Iceland, we were picked up at our hotel in a new black SUV. We were the first passengers on board and four other people joined us, a couple from Texas and friends from Indonesia. Our Buubble guide Kiddy, a true Viking whose family has lived in Iceland since it was discovered, was informative, funny, and light-hearted.

After about an hour and a half in the car, we stopped for snacks and drinks to take to the bubbles that night. From there, we went to our first stop, Seljalandsfoss. This waterfall can be seen from the road and in the summer months, you can actually climb behind it. From there, we ventured to waterfall number two, Skogafoss which was more impressive. We actually climbed to an overlook above the fall and then got so close to the bottom, we were splashed. Our last sight was THE Black Sand Beach. THE in all caps because Kiddy told us that Iceland has miles of black sand beaches but this is the one that travelers visit. Before heading to the bubbles, we enjoyed dinner at this great little place that had gluten free spaghetti among other Icelandic cuisine like horse... if you’re into that, but none of us were. I was just thankful there was a gluten free option.

Because Iceland only experiences about 7-8 hours of light in the winter, we got to the bubbles when it was dark. We were given a lantern to climb up the stairs and down our path to our individual bubbles. Inside, the bubble is warm, the beds are heated, and they even provide heating blankets. The only thing the bubbles are missing is a bathroom, which can be found just a short distance from the bubble in a sort of mobile-outhouse situation. It was fine, small and cold to walk to, but worked for a night. There is also a service house that has showers, coffee, tea, and more bathrooms, but that was at the bottom of the hill and down a bunch of steps, not really an ideal option in the middle of the night.  

When we got to the bubbles, we could see the Northern Lights which was a huge draw for me on this tour, but unfortunately you can’t predict Mother Nature. Kiddy told us that this has been a hard year to see the lights so we felt lucky to see the small glimpse that we did. In the morning, we woke up to the Big Dipper just above our bubble. We also woke up to an insane wind that a storm was bringing in.  

Buubble is probably the most expensive tour I’ve ever done at $400 per person. I’d say it was worth it for what we saw, the experience we had, and the fact that we saw the Northern Lights, but there were certainly some areas of improvement. At the campsite, I felt like they could have used a party bubble, a space where all of us could have enjoyed looking at the lights together. We ended up standing outside as a group and it was just so cold. I also felt like for the price, dinner and breakfast should have been included in some capacity. Again, a party bubble and grills would have been useful for this.

In general, we both enjoyed the Buubble and it was probably our favorite thing we did on this trip. It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing that we will probably never get the chance to do again. When in Iceland, right?

Cheers to new experiences when traveling,


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Buubble Iceland Review featured by international travel blog, Trendy in Indy