Botox with LASSI
Top US beauty blog, Trendy in Indy, reviews the Botox services offered by  LASSI

Well guys, I did it. I got Botox. Now before you use your own preconceived notions to develop opinions, I want you to read this to see why I did it, what my experience was, and how I’m feeling now.

Since I started working with LASSI last summer, I’ve been interested in exploring Botox so I figured that my last collaboration in Indy with them should be this procedure. I’ve never loved the wrinkles on my forehead or in between my eyebrows and I’m all about preventative treatments that help with aging later. I’m 26 and it’s important to begin these because you have to take steps for your skin before aging starts.

Botox is the most commonly performed aesthetic procedure worldwide and at LASSI. Basically, it relaxes the facial muscles, reducing tension on the skin that occurs with aging. 

Here’s a little note from Katherine Hanke: “At the LASSI, Botox and other injectables are exclusively administered by board-certified dermatologists, meaning that only highly trained physicians are injecting Botox/fillers. This is important because you want someone who has a broad understanding of facial anatomy and how to achieve the most natural-looking results. Inexperienced injectors can potentially harm patients with improper techniques and/or produce undesirable unnatural looking results. Botox is a medical procedure and should always be administered by a board-certified dermatologist to ensure safe practices and the best results.”

What to expect during Botox at the LASSI

This was the quickest appointment and was pretty much pain free. Dr. Hanke came in to the treatment room, chatted with me about my areas of concern, told me what we needed to do, and let me sit with ice packs on my forehead for a few minutes. He came back in, injected the Botox, and we both went on about our days. 

Dr. Hanke is skilled and knowledgeable, which helped put me at ease for this treatment. He will tell you how it is and give you his recommendations based on what’s best for your needs. The Botox does take about 3 days to take its full effect and wow, it’s so impressive. I had a slight headache later on that day after the treatment, but nothing that wasn’t manageable.

How much is Botox at the LASSI?

The average patient receives anywhere from 20-40 units (give or take), which can cost anywhere from $240-480. The unit amount is dependent on Dr. Hanke's treatment recommendation and each patient's desired results. Dr. Hanke and the LASSI staff are happy to discuss pricing with patients prior to their appointment. 

If you’ve been thinking about Botox, I highly recommend reaching out to LASSI. They’ve been so great with helping to answer my questions and maintain my natural look with everything they do. I’ve been so thankful to partner with them for the last 9 months and look forward to visiting when I find myself back in Indy.

Cheers to keeping your skin healthy and maintaining youth, 



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