Best Tips for Moving Across the Country

Best Tips for Moving Across the Country
Best Tips for Moving Across the Country featured by top US life and style blog, Trendy in Indy
Best Tips for Moving Across the Country featured by top US life and style blog, Trendy in Indy

What a freaking whirlwind the last month has been. When we announced that we were moving to Phoenix, we’d already sold our home in Indy and purchased one in Arizona. Now we are embarking on the first part of this new adventure and shoot, it’s scary. (Reader’s side note: I wrote this post over Memorial Day Weekend and honestly forgot to hit publish so if you’re reading this, we were about a month into our move.)

I have an ongoing list of things they should teach you in high school or college and ‘how to move across the country’ has just been added. This is probably one of the most challenging things Collin and I have done together as a couple and we know we are just at the beginning.

Today, I wanted to share a handful of tips that we feel would be helpful to anyone that’s trying to move from one state to another.

Top 12 Tips for Moving Across the Country

Tip 1: Get your current home on the market ASAP.

Our house sold in two weeks, but we only had two showings. It also didn’t sell for what we’d hoped, but we needed to sell quickly so we could head west.

 Tip 2: Get quotes from a variety of moving companies.

Let’s just tell it how it is: moving is EXPENSIVE. To move our three-bedroom, 2.5 bath home from Indy to Phoenix was $7,000 and that was one of the least expensive quotes. I let Collin handle this part because I knew he’d be more patient than I was. He had multiple Skype sessions with companies to show them all the things in our house to get us an accurate quote. North American was great for us and our driver Trinic was very thorough.

Tip 3: As soon as your house sells, start packing.

The packing process took us a full month. Now, we could have done this quicker, but we knew we had some time so we did it little by little so we wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. Collin bought boxes and bubble wrap at Home Depot and Lowe’s. I’d highly recommend Lowe’s bubble wrap over Home Depot because it’s much better quality.

Tip 4: Spend time with friends and family.

Our last few weeks in Indy were spent enjoying time with friends and family because we knew it’d be a bit before we were all together again. Take the time (even if you think you don’t have it) to spend with those loved ones.

Tip 5: Be patient with your spouse or significant other.

As previously stated, this is the most challenging thing we’ve done as a couple making it easy for us to lash out at the other. In those moments of frustration, remember that your spouse is experiencing the same emotions and fears and excitements that you are. You are in this together, you made the choice together so be patient with one another. After all, you’re probably the only people you’re going to know in your new spot until you make friends.

Tip 6: If you’re buying a home in the new state, confirm closing instructions because they are different in each state.

In Indy, they do round table closings where the seller and the buyer meet to sign documents. In Arizona, you can sign days before the closing which is what we had to do. We had to contact our title company in AZ and have one of their notaries meet us in Indy to sign our closing documents. This is so important to stay on top of because it could impact your ability to move. Triple check that you’ll be good to close on both locations on your desired date.

Tip 7: Figure out your plan to get to the next state.

We decided not to ship cars because that would have been at least $1,000 more and we needed cars as soon as we were there. We rented an auto trailer from U-Haul for about $500 and towed my car with Collin’s truck so that we could drive in the same vehicle. It was a pretty smooth process and made it easier on us. We gave ourselves three days to reach Phoenix and planned the cities we’d stop in ahead of time. Since we drove, we also took sentimental items with us like scrapbooks and photo albums.

Tip 8: Be prepared for the moving truck to be delayed.

The semi our house was packed in was headed to pick up two more families after us in Kentucky who were also moving west. Turns out, one of the families hadn’t properly closed on their new home in El Paso which delayed our move in by two days. So many things can happen on the road so just save yourself the frustration and go into it knowing that delays are highly likely.

Tip 9: If you’re road tripping, take a cooler for food and drinks.

We stopped at Walmart every morning wherever we were to grab lunch and snacks. It was a little more affordable and a whole lot healthier to do this than stopping for fast food.  


Rockstar, you are going to need help at some point. My parents flew across the country to help us settle in our house and truthfully, we’d be a month in and still not have everything put together without their help.

Tip 11: Give yourself space and time.

I’m including this tip because I’m still working on it. Everyone asks me “how’s Arizona?” and guys, I have not had enough time to tell you I’m in love yet. My job is awesome, but I miss my people. Give yourself some time to adjust. You’ve just uprooted your lives after all.

Tip 12: Go in with an open mind.

This tip goes along with my previous, but it’s so important to have an open mind in this new place. No two places are the same. Your grocery story is different, you have to find new doctors, you’ll need to discover new date night spots. You’ll need to find a new normal in this space that feels like you’re just there for an extended visit. 

This move has been one of the most challenging, emotionally and physically exhausting, exciting, thrilling things we’ve done as a married couple. It has not been easy and we are still very much adjusting. In this time, I’m working to allow myself to feel these emotions and am trying to learn a new way of life here in the desert.

Rockstars, if you’re planning a move across the country, my thoughts are with you because it’s a lot. My hope for you is that the journey will be worth the stress and chaos that consumes your life for a few months during a huge adjustment period.

Cheers to finding comfort amidst chaos,



Best Tips for Moving Across the Country featured by top US life and style blog, Trendy in Indy