Eye Health with Dr. Tavel

How many of you love going to the eye doctor? Probably not very many hands in the air. That machine that puffs air into my eyes is my least favorite. But, what would you say if I told you that going to the eye doctor is part of self-care?

We live in a world where “I don’t have time” is a phrase we use daily especially when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Not sure if you’re guilty of this, but sometimes I put my health on the back burner by holding off on annual doctor appointments for as long as possible. I’ve been wearing glasses or contacts consistently since I was 16, although I should have continued to wear them the first time around in third grade. But, you know, kids are mean, so I decided I’d just squint to see the overhead and that was fine with me.

Fast forward to today where I stare at my screen all day and notice the vision in my left eye getting significantly worse. I knew it was time to go to the eye doctor, I’d just been putting it off and then Dr. Tavel reached out.

Last week, I met Dr. Ramiro aka my new favorite optometrist. She’s been with Dr. Tavel for a couple of years now and believes that the eyes are the “window to the soul.” If you’ve been to the eye doctor, you know that they do this thing where they shine a bright light in your eye to see behind it. Well, she was actually able to spot a pituitary brain tumor on a patient once. Some of the testing they do also can show signs for diabetes and other health issues just by looking at your eyes. So yes, going to the eye doctor is so important for your health.

Dr. Ramiro was quick to answer all of my questions and patient through my testing. My left eye’s prescription has changed quite a bit since a year ago which I figured. It seems that there is more astigmatism in that eye.

One of the reasons I wanted to work with Dr. Tavel is because they are a family owned company with 21 locations across Indiana. The first office opened in 1940 by Dr. David Tavel who served in WWII. This company works to deliver affordable and quality services and products for kids and adults.

If I don’t take care of my eyes, my job is going to be pretty tricky. I’ll be curious to see how all of us are doing when we are 80 and have stared at a screen for 2/3 of our lives. My advice: if you’re experiencing issues with your eyes or getting frequent headaches, maybe it’s time to get your eyes checked.

Oh, and don’t be so afraid of those pre-testing machines, you know the one that puffs air in your eye. It’s actually testing for glaucoma and that’s a good thing. You’d want to know about that.

Next month, you will get to see my spiffy new frames and sunnies from Dr. Tavel, but until then… You can check out more about Dr. Tavel and the services they offer by clicking here. You can also get a free cleaning kit for your glasses by mentioning my name at any store location.

Cheers to setting your sights on self-care (haha),


*This post is sponsored by Dr. Tavel. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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