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Home Edition Part One: Kitchen

Home Edition Part One: Kitchen


It's crazy that we have been here for two full weeks now! So many of you have been asking to see pictures of the inside so I've decided to show you little by little. 

Today I am starting with our kitchen. We spend the most time here and it might be my favorite area in the house. We make so many memories in this part of the house so it was my first priority as far as decorating.

The majority of everything in our kitchen came from: Macy's, Hobby Lobby, The Marshmellow Monkey, Anthropologie, and Target. I've linked quite a few items below, but some of these were just special finds. 

Our table might be my favorite. It's an old library table I found at The Marshmellow Monkey in Franklin, IN. My friend Emily and I painted it and it is more perfect than I imagined. It's the perfect piece to take up such a large space in our kitchen.

So here are my biggest kitchen decorating tips:

1. Don't buy too many pieces that will crowd your countertops.

2. Don't be afraid to find something old and make it new again.

3. You absolutely need a Kitchen Aid. We use ours all the time. It's a registry must have item for sure! 

4. You can add pops of color with your plates or napkins. That's a huge part of the reason we have Fiestaware. 

5. Pick a theme and stick to it. If you have the open concept, you do need to make sure that each room flows to the next.

6. Shop the deals. Hobby Lobby does different sales every week, so just watch for those.

7. Have a random dance party on your first night in your new kitchen. I promise you won't forget it!

Here is a full gallery for you to flip through and below are my favorites we have.



Kitchen Equipment/Necessities

Other Accessories

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