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Bachelorette Party Recap

Bachelorette Party Recap


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My white dress, Lulu's || Tank Tops, Etsy || Black scalloped shorts, RaeLynn's Boutique

This weekend was such an adventure and the perfect way to celebrate my "Last Sail Before the Veil." All of my bridesmaids were in on making this weekend so fabulous and they went completely above and beyond. So if you are planning a bachelorette party, I wanted to share the highlights from the weekend with you.

Make it a Whole Weekend

I knew I didn't want just one night for several reasons, but I am so glad we made this party a whole weekend long. We had time to catch up, play games, talk about wedding day details, and just have a good time. Friday we spent time at Lake Monroe. Everyone brought different snacks to enjoy on the boat and our weather was perfect. Friday night we took it easy. We stayed at our house (which had been decorated earlier and was so festive). We played games, drank wine, and prepared for Saturday night.

Saturday we woke up, made breakfast, played games, and did a craft (which failed for 4 of the 6 of us, but it was so fun!). We headed to a local winery, Easley located downtown Indy, to enjoy a tasting. Then we headed to our hotel to relax and get ready for our night. We met my junior bridesmaids at the Flying Cupcake on Mass Ave and had dinner at The Eagle. From there, we did a little bar hopping which finished on the stage at Howl at the Moon.


  • Mr. & Mrs. Quiz- Emily (maid of honor) came up with questions about myself, my fiance, and our relationship. Before the weekend, she asked Collin to answer the questions. Then, at the party she passed out the questions to the bridesmaids and asked them to write their answers in the way they thought Collin would have answered. Then I answered the questions outloud in the way I thought Collin would have answered. It was so fun to see what we thought differently and how much the bridesmaids knew.
  • Bridal Trivia- This was kind of similar to jeopardy and Emily used a trifold poster board to create the game. The categories were wedding traditions, the bride, the groom, the couple, and sex. Everyone participated and it was a blast! The wedding traditions was a tricky category but it was interesting to learn the history about where some of these come from.
  • Truth or Dare- No bachelorette party would be complete without a good game of truth or dare. You can do this however you want, but this is a good one for relaxed night.

General Tips

  • Create a hashtag. This way everyone can see each others photos when they search social media.
  • Assign everyone to bring various food, drinks, etc. This way one person isn't in charge of it all.
  • Create a tentative schedule and pass it out so everyone knows what's going on.
  • Have games prepared because it is so much fun!
  • Make a checklist for what everyone needs to bring so they don't forget anything.
  • Have a group tank (or two) created for everyone to wear. It's fun to be festive and let people know you are celebrating!

To my bridesmaids, thank you for making this weekend so wonderful. I am so thankful for each of you. To those of you planning a bachelorette party, make the bride to be as special as my girls made me feel. And most importantly, have a blast at this final celebration of the single life.



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