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Wedding Guest Attire

Wedding Guest Attire


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Wedding season is in full swing and will continue well into the fall. As a guest, it is very important to know what to wear and to dress appropriately. Here are some guidelines on 4 different types of weddings and what to wear along with some general outfit tips.

1. Casual/Outdoor. Casual or outdoor weddings are one of the biggest trends we have seen over the last few years. It's the whole Pinterest style, mason jar, hand crafted feel and it's so much fun. For these weddings, a simple summer dress is perfect to wear.

2. Semiformal. Semiformal weddings are the most traditional style. If the invitation doesn't specify, typically semiformal attire is appropriate for a church wedding.

3. Formal. Formal weddings can also take place in a church, but are very common in Chicago or other big cities. For formal weddings, you will typically see more cocktail style, designer dresses of some kind.

4. Black Tie. It may not seem like there is a huge difference between formal weddings and black tie, but typically for black tie weddings you will see floor length dresses and tuxedos. The evening gowns are typically darker colors like wine, navy, or black.

As a guest here is what you should know when selecting an outfit:

  1. Know what kind of wedding you will be attending.
  2. Absolutely NO WHITE of any kind. Avoid ivory, champagne, and basically anything in the white family. Let the bride stand out on her special day.
  3. Florals are a good go to for weddings especially in the summer.
  4. Check the weather a few days before. If it is an outdoor wedding, you want to be prepared for hot, cold, rain, etc.
  5. Nothing too short or revealing. Keep is classy no matter what type of wedding it is.
  6. Make sure you have comfortable (but still dressy) shoes. You will want to dance the night away.

For more, check out this video where I was featured with RaeLynn's Boutique for the best wedding guest attire on Indy Style.



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