Trendy In Indy
Trendy In Indy


From fashion to beauty to local hot spots, check out what I am loving now.


Jacket Dresses

This whole jacket as a dress trend is something I am so into for spring. I love that this one is blush pink and has a printed pattern if you roll up the sleeves.

Lesley Jane

Lesley Jane is a company I have been working with since November and I just love them. Their team is awesome and they have so much knowledge about the brands the carry. My code is TRENDYLJB20. 

our new home

Our kitchen is my favorite area in our new home. We went with the farmhouse theme and it fits us perfectly. Click here to check out all our kitchen details.

Merle Norman

If you are a beauty junkie like me and haven't tried Merle Norman, you are seriously missing out. I love all of their products but my favorite is the Lip Pencil Plus.

What Eyes Want

I am obsessed with my new glasses from What Eyes Want. They are lightweight and awesome. You can read my full review here and get a discount code for 75% off your first month.